Thank-you, Soliders

Any day dedicated to honoring members of the United States military is a great day. Today we honor those currently serving our country.

All of us at PGT are screaming THANK-YOU! We know “thank-you” will never be enough, so we try to live each day in your honor. Words cannot express our gratitude for all of your sacrifices and commitment to preserving the freedoms we often take for granted. While today is the official day for honoring our active-duty soldiers, we want you all to know that we appreciate you and pray for you every single day.

Thank-you for your service.

Thank-you for your dedication.

Thank-you for your commitment.

Thank-you for your fight.

Thank-you for your protection.

Thank-you for your sacrifice.

Thank-you for your valor.

Thank-you for our freedoms.

Thank-you for defending our rights.

Thank-you for YOU.

We have a few veterans in our office who wanted to give a special shout out to their fellow soldiers.

“I would like to thank all the service members who are currently serving this great country. Just as importantly, I would like to thank all the people who sit at home and worry, support, love and pray for the fine men and women who wear the uniform. The sacrifice doesn’t end with the solider. Many loved ones carry the same burden. Thank-you for your unending love and support while they are serving and for accepting them home with open arms. To me, the greatest heroes are the ones at home waiting with open arms and hearts for their solider to return safely.”

Paul Vezina, National Account Manager, served in the Army for 5 years and did 2 tours in Iraq.

“There are a lot of brave men and women serving our great country. I am proud to have been one of them. I would like to take a minute to thank the soldiers out there protecting our great country. I know first hand the sacrifice you make every day to ensure the people of the United States continue to live free.

Thank-you for your service, today and every day. There are no greater heroes than those that serve their country and the ones they leave back home.”

Rob Johnson, National Account Manager, served in the Army for 11 years.