A Logistics Man

He must love it since he’s been doing it for every bit of four years at this point. Brandon Cliffe joined our team at the start of 2022 and has been a go-getter ever since. Why? “I just enjoy every minute of being in logistics,” he explained.

Before breaking into the industry, Brandon attended the University of Cincinnati (Go Bearcats!) like several others in our office. Outside of work, Brandon is a family guy. He is marrying his fiancé next month and is excited to celebrate with their kids. He has two kids, a four-year-old son and a one-year-old daughter. Brandon enjoys spending time with them and watching them grow up. When he has the chance – free time is often hard to come by – he loves to golf.

Brandon takes pride in helping our customers with honesty and integrity. “I wholeheartedly believe that we provide a fantastic service by helping our customers with their supply chain and bringing drivers home safely to their families,” Brandon stated. “We are the bridge between shippers/manufacturers and the carriers who haul the loads.”

Brandon enjoys the camaraderie and relationships he’s built with customers and co-workers at PGT.

“We are a tight nit group,” he said referencing the PGT staff. “The culture here is amazing.”

What motives Brandon? It’s simple- family and money. That motivation is rooted in everything money provides for him and his family and the opportunities and freedoms that come along with it. “I just want to provide for my family and experience life with them in whatever direction that takes us.”