He might think he's funny, anyway

Apparently he calls himself “the game,” (yes, reference Triple H) but we haven’t ever heard anyone else call him that. We can’t imagine why (ha)!

Chad Rugenstein joined Premier Global about six months ago! He brings over twenty years of brokerage experience to the table.

Chad is a midwestern guy, originally from Indiana. He moved to Ohio years ago (apparently, if he tells us a date, it will show his age- like the grey hair doesn’t already give us an idea, right?). 

Chad is married with two kids- both of which he says are handfuls- a son, Blake, and daughter, Addie. They are both multi-sport athletes, so they keep him extremely busy. He claims they already signed to contracts in crayon years ago! They recently added a new member to the family. He goes by Thor and is the family’s adopted dog. Thor keeps everyone on their toes, so much so, that the child locks are back on the cabinets.

Chad enjoys watching his children play sports and excel at competitive levels. He loves to spend time with friends and family at the lake- boating, fishing and just hanging out!

When asked why Chad joined PGT, the answer seemed to come easily to him.

“The owner takes pride in what he does and doesn’t discount his value! He understands that freight doesn’t sleep!”

Chad wanted to be a part of a growing company where voices are heard, and big things will happen! “That’s why PGT was the easy choice.”

His kids get their competitive drive honestly. Chad said “my motivation is winning every day! I want to prove that the impossible is possible while making a good living and providing great service to my clients so we can win together!”