Did you know PGT is a MBE?

In June 2020, PGT opened our doors and began building an operation. One year later, we became a nationally certified, minority owned business enterprise (MBE).

So, the real question is: how does that benefit our business partners?

There are several intangible and quantifiable benefits to working with a MBE. We will do our best to break it down for you.

Cost Savings.

In the modern era, many companies have diversity spend requirements. Partnering with PGT and other MBEs can offer cost saving strategies by taking advantage of numerous federal and state tax incentives, tax breaks, and potential rebates. We won’t pretend to know all of the opportunities on the tax side (you have an accounting/tax department for that, right?) but we do know there are a lot of perks. This could lead to expanded growth opportunities through associate investment, acquiring other companies, expanding your business, etc. There are tax incentives for the MBEs themselves and PGT loves to share those savings with you to help reduce your costs.

Brand Recognition.

Building a working relationship with a MBE can strengthen your brand. It can provide new marketing avenues and community outreach opportunities. Working with minority-owned companies like PGT shows you value inclusion, equality, and unification- all of which tend to paint a positive picture of your company within the local, regional, and national outlets. Your Public Relations team will have new opportunities to get in front of markets they may not have been active in prior to the relationship with a MBE. With more opportunities comes more brand recognition.


The value MBEs can provide has proven to be crucial for a company’s culture. Diversity is highly valuable and having a business relationship with a certified MBE like PGT shows that your business recognizes that value. Partnering with MBEs shows that your business supports the expansion and development of minority communities.

Minority-owned companies are well-connected with each other and in local businesses. That alone can bring more opportunity through various networking events.

There are definitely other benefits to working with PGT and other MBEs. We would love to talk to you about it and work together to determine the best plan to build our partnership. We believe all good things start with the initial conversation, so give us a call. We’d love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have. You can reach us directly at 513-575-7645.