What it's like at PGT

In May, you’ll be introduced to several of our associates that joined our team at PGT without any (or minimal) industry experience. They are all achieving a great deal of success and doing it quickly.

How? Is the job THAT easy?

Well…yes and no.

The job itself isn’t difficult, however, there can be difficult days, if that makes any sense. The challenges arise with breakdowns, carrier fall-outs, and unexpected issues that arise with moving freight. The good news is, they are all manageable. For someone new to the industry, however, it takes some time to learn the ins and outs of the industry.

One of the perks of joining our team now is that we aren’t a huge company with formal training that everyone goes through. We adapt it to the individual.

Do you have years of experience in the industry?


We will take some time to provide you with hands on training to learn our software and then set you free to start making as much money as you want. For someone coming in with years of experience in the industry, the transition at PGT is very smooth. Our TMS software is customized based on our needs and requirements. The bonus? It’s VERY user-friendly.

We have no doubt that joining our team will have you earning commission in no time!

Do you have a few years of experience, but have been out of the industry for awhile?


We will give you the opportunity to sit with brokers and logistics coordinators to listen to their daily conversations with customers and carriers. Once it all comes back to you, we will give you the opportunity to switch roles- you will have the conversations and one of our leaders will listen! This will give you the chance to get some feedback and learn the systems in place.

It will only be a matter of time before the money starts hitting your pockets!

What if you’re complete new to the industry?


You’re not alone. We have established a process that seems to be working. The good news is that the process continues to grow and expand as we learn what works best for everyone. Everyone learns differently, so we adapt to the individual. You’ll get to listen, do it yourself, and will have the opportunity to learn from the president of the company. He takes time to break it down in a classroom setting.

The best part about it? You’re in control from day one. On average, it takes less than three months start seeing those bigger paychecks! Totally worth it!

No matter where you fall, we will make it work! It’s all one on one (or two 😊) training! You’re free to ask questions anytime. Everyone is given the time to learn at his/her own pace because the ultimate goal is for you to be successful!

Come join us! At least give us a call and talk through any doubts you may have- no commitment required!