We can help with that too!

Did you know PGT can help in many areas of your business? It doesn’t have to stop with moving your freight. We have an incredible team with decades of experience in other areas of the supply chain.

Dispatchers. Routers. Data Analyzers. Cost savers.

It’s no secret that some of the largest expenses any company faces are shipping and logistics. It only makes sense to take a step back and see if there are any ways to improve.

One of those low hanging opportunities is generally in the routing of product.

In our experience, even those most disciplined, experienced, and largest companies can improve their routing. By doing so, costs can be reduced drastically.

PGT has multiple members of our team that can help with this, one of them being our Director of Administration, Cassie Laker. She started in the industry almost 15 years ago at a company that was very established as the leader in their market. As she was promoted through her time there, data analysis became her primary role.

“I was tasked with bringing our raw materials in house on our own equipment. Through that process, it became very clear that we could save a lot of money if we routed our trucks differently,” Cassie explained. 

The results didn’t come overnight, but through the years, she managed to save the company MILLIONS of dollars. Yes, millions.


“The business changed constantly, but it seemed like our routing was stagnant and just continued the way it always had. Once I got my hands on it, we found ways to save a lot of money. All it took was someone new looking at the data and analyzing it with a different mindset.”

-Cassie Laker, Director of Administration-

Everyone likes to save money, right? Even if you think everything is as good as it can get, let us look at it. You’d be surprised what a new set of eyes can find. What’s the worst-case scenario? We ask a few questions that trigger some ideas that you look into yourself? Sounds like the conversation would be worth it if you ask us!