Insurance to Logistics

The theme this month in our Associate Spotlights (unintentionally) seems to be centered around our associates that didn’t necessarily join our team with logistics experience. Sam Kathman is no exception to that.

Sam K, as he’s referred to in our office, was born and raised in Northern Kentucky before going to college at Ole Miss in Oxford, MS. He studied accounting and insurance and spent several years working in both of those fields before joining our team here at PGT earlier this year.

Sam is a family man and very proud of it. He has two incredible parents, Maria and David, and two younger sisters, Ellie and Abbey. Their family dog is a goldendoodle named Franklin. Outside of the office, Sam enjoys playing golf and cards with his family and friends. Sam was also on SportsCenter one as the top play of the day (although it was for all the wrong reasons)!

“I pride myself in making and maintaining great relationships with my customers,” Sam shared. “I am motivated by providing them with excellent service on a daily basis. It’s a great feeling!”


The camaraderie at PGT is one his favorite things about working here. “I feel it every time I come into the office because everyone really gets along with each other well.” He enjoys working alongside the team we have put together and looks forward to adding some new members to build on that.

Sometimes taking that leap of faith into a new career path can be scary. Sam’s best advice: just do it. He did and it has worked out well for him and for PGT. Sam explained why: “Whether you have experience in the industry or not, you will immediately surround yourself with people that not only have an interest in your professional success, but in your personal growth as well.” It really is an atmosphere that sets everyone up for success. 

“You feel like you are part of something bigger than yourself and I am confident that you will feel the same if you set the fear aside and jump on board with us.”

-Sam in reference to why you should join PGT’s team-