National Dog Mom Day

We don’t usually post on Saturdays, but we had to make the exception this week. If you know any dog moms, you know they have to take every opportunity they can to post about their furbabies. And guess what? The one writing this blog is obsessed with hers, so that calls for an extra post 🙂

Meet Kandra's Dogs!

Belle aka Belley Girl, was her baby girl. She had her for 14 amazing years before they recently lost her. She was the most loyal dog and could always tell how much you meant to her just by looking into her eyes. She was the best dog! Then there’s the brothers, Beasley aka B and Bentley aka Puppa (dog’s can’t have just one name, in case you didn’t know that). Beasley has more brown and is slightly bigger. He’s the older one at 9 years old. He just wants love and will bring you a toy every time he sees you. He loves to cuddle. The baby is Bentley and he’s quite the stinker, probably because he always gets his way. He wants all the love and attention and usually gets it because everyone loves him.

Meet Cassie's Child....oops, Dog!

Bullitt is her baby. He turned 11 earlier this year, but you’d never know. He’s a ball of energy constantly- hence the dog tag “cute but psycho.” He loves jeep rides with the doors off, “pup-cups” from his favorite coffee shops, and running circles around her godchild every time he sees him. He knows all kinds of tricks- sit, lay down, paw, roll over, speak, high five, and he can even pray! He loves running around outside at grandma’s and sleeping on anyone’s lap as long as they have a blanket for him to lay on. He’s a pain in the butt a lot of times, but he really has been the best dog. He doesn’t know a stranger, so he will never be a guard dog, but just give him an ounce of attention and you will have a new best friend for life.