June LIL

By: Kandra Dauwe

Each month, we are recognizing the women in the office. I (Kandra) am interviewing these awesome ladies to show that women can work in logistics even with the stereotype that it is a man’s world. So, let’s get started with our first “Lady in Logistics.” She’s the first LIL you think of at Premier Global Transportation. This month, I sat down with our Director of Administration, Cassie Laker.

"A strong woman looks at a challenge dead in the eye and gives it a wink."

As we said in our previous blog, we are so excited that ladies make up 20 percent of our office, not to mention we are bringing on more as we go. I asked Cassie questions about the industry, her feelings about it, and her experiences.

One of the biggest hurdles Cassie sees that causes lower number of women in the logistics industry is that most people get hung up on the idea that logistics is only doing the dirty work- loading and unloading trailers, transportation, being on the dock, etc. However, there is so much more to logistics and many different opportunities available. 

Cassie has been with PGT since the early days, for over a year and half. When asked what advice she had for women considering a career path in logistics, her response was pretty simple. “Just look at all of your options,” Cassie explained. “See if any of those opportunities fit into your goals and if they do, take the leap of faith. Really, that applies to anyone, but I think women are hesitant to step out of their comfort zone when it comes to the unknown.”

As someone who has been in various roles in logistics for almost 14 years, she encourages employers in the industry to make hiring women a priority. “You’d be surprised at the different dynamic women can bring to this industry,” she stated. “Just reach out to them, educate them, and make your presence known in their world.”

Many women feel like they are treated differently in the logistics world, but luckily Cassie has never felt that. “I have always worked for great companies with bosses who value everyone equally.”

That is definitely the norm here at PGT. Cassie’s final comment was, again, pretty simple: “I never thought I’d be in this industry. It wasn’t even something I considered. I was given the opportunity and it has stuck. PGT offers me the ability to do the things I love with the people I love, so I think it will be for the long haul (no pun intended)!”

Cassie with her niece at the Duke vs Louisville game this past season as one example of doing the things she loves with the people she loves most! (GO DUKE!)

As the Director of Administration, Cassie wears many hats. She handles accounting, human resources, onboarding, IT, payroll, marketing, reporting, and anything else that comes up throughout the day. She’s our go-to person in the office and is a key piece in our team’s success.