What's Most Important to Us?

Whether it be a phone interview, virtual, or in person, there are many things that go through your head as you prepare. It’s hard to cover everything and remember everything, especially through the nerves that generally come through the interview process.

Today we share some of the most important things to do or remember through our interview process.


It’s important to know where you applied. That doesn’t mean you have to know everything, but you should know what the position entails and the high-level components. You can use our website and social media accounts to get a good picture.


There’s a time and a place to discuss pay. We will be very open and honest with you from the jump, but the reality is, the person doing the first interview probably doesn’t have any power in determining the pay. Hold off on that question, if you can.


The normal “what are the next steps?” or “when are you looking to hire?” questions aren’t bad, but if you want to separate yourself from other applicants, put some thought into it. Go back to the research you did and ask questions that came up in that process. You may not get an answer, but it won’t hurt anything to ask.

BE YOURSELF (but be professional)

It isn’t good for anyone to pretend to be someone you aren’t. We will find out eventually if you accept a job, so just be yourself. Meshing with our team and culture is extremely important. It needs to be a good fit for both you and our team or it will never work in the long run.


It seems like common sense, but unfortunately, it needs to be stated. It’s about respect. We are all busy, and you know what they say- time is money! If something comes up, we get it. Just communicate.

Probably the most important in today’s world- if you don’t want the job, just tell us. We can cancel interviews, we can delete offer letters. Don’t leave us hanging! Communication is key. And let’s be honest- you may want the job/opportunity in the future, so why burn the bridge?