It's time for a change!

Logistics is commonly referred to as a “man’s world.”

We’re here to change that.

There are about 125 million people in the Logistics & Supply Chain industries across the globe. Do you know how many of them are female? LESS THAN FIVE PERCENT!

Depending on who you ask, the number ranges from 2 to 4.5%. That’s crazy when you actually sit and think about it.

PGT is proud to say that almost 20% of our associates are women. That’s a great step, but we don’t think it’s enough. We would love to add more women to our staff- they bring a completely different dynamic and atmosphere.

In an effort to encourage more women to take the leap into the industry, we are going to start a new segment spear headed by Kandra Dauwe- Ladies in Logistics!

Each month we will be introducing one of our LILs (Ladies in Logistics), so you can get to know them, what they are about, and what they are achieving in the logistics world. We will be discussing challenges that women face that most men typically do not have to deal with. We hope to provide a place where women can grow within their field, connect with other ladies and resources, and thrive!

Our LILs may be the minority in the office, but their presence is known. (Girls run the world, right Beyonce?) There is often a stereotype in logistics because it is dominated by men however, the ladies are letting their names be known as well these days. Besides the ladies that we have in our office, we are starting to see a new trend- a lot of our customers have women running their logistics departments! We believe we are turning the corner of what may be one day an equal playing field.

We look forward to bringing you all on this journey with us.