PGT Update

Things continue to evolve at PGT. Some people don’t care for change, but here we love it because without it, we will not grow and achieve our goals!

One of those changes is this post. We will be hearing an update from the president of PGT, Tony Uhrina, every month. Sometimes you’ll have to read it. Sometimes you’ll have to listen to it. But we will always provide it!

So, what’s new? Here’s what Tony had to say.


A Letter from the President

Exciting things are happening at PGT! We’ve added to our team, had record months, and made big strides in the freight market.

In 2022, we have grown to over 20 associates! We are adding about 2 people every month to our team. We are starting to see teams formed and various departments starting to grow. It’s no secret that hiring is not easy in today’s world, so we pride ourselves on our ability to hire highly qualified, valuable associates to join our incredible team.

On the financial side of the business, we have had 3, yes THREE, record months in a row. For some, that may not seem like that big of a feat, however, in this volatile market, it is very impressive. It just goes to show we have the right people on our team!

We have taken a lot of time this year to distinguish ourselves from our competitors. We’ve always done this, but it became a primary focus when talking to our customers. It is important for them to understand that we stand by the promises we make. We’ve separated ourselves with timely, proactive communication as well as our ability to drive waste and cost out of our customers’ supply chains. We continue to grow North American truckload volume at a rapid pace by delivering our value proposition consistently across our operation.

We have big plans for the future as well. PGT will continue to focus on technology initiatives that will drive efficiency for our associates, customers, and carriers. Flexibility is the name of the game for us. Our ability to adapt and shift has enabled us to thrive in the ever-changing freight market.

I sincerely believe the PGT team, alongside our customers and carriers, are set up for tremendous success. Great people make great things happen!

Kind Regards,

Tony Uhrina