New Happenings

Where do we start? So much has changed since we opened our doors almost two years ago. As we continue to grow, change is inevitable.

We’ll give you a look inside the happenings of PGT today.

One of the biggest changes we made at the end of 2021 was to our TMS system. We upgraded to a software that was built around our needs and functionality but is also scalable to continue to grow with us. We have a great relationship with the developers of our TMS and they are more than happy to work with us to customize features to match our customers requirements.

We already talked about our MBE certification in a previous blog. That was quite the process, but ultimately, one that is worth it in the end because of all the advantages it gives our customers.

Our marketing efforts were expanded in 2022 as well. Check us out on social media! We are active on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter (admittedly, our Twitter following needs some work HA!).

So, what's on the horizon?


The most important piece of the puzzle: PEOPLE. We added three knew associates this month and look to do the same in May. We are working to fill out our sales floor and expand our operations teams. More people means more space! Our sales floor is big, but the operations and support staff need their space also. The next step is to expand into our back office and build our customer service and accounting teams. The good news is that we have the space to do it! Let the build-out begin!

Technology is always changing, and our goal is to continue to stay current with modern technology. Our TMS is ahead of the game, but our next step is to update the rest of our IT system and security setup. The details of all of that are boring (and over our heads, if we’re being honest), so we will leave it at that. Just know that the more advanced our technological systems are, the better we can serve you!

One of the biggest changes happening at PGT comes on the business side of things. We are looking to get at least one, if not more, assets on the ground in 2022. This will allow us to begin using our own trucks to move your freight! Stay tuned for more about this at a later date.

Big things are continuing to happen at PGT- change is just one of them!