Immediate Opening

The logistics industry isn’t only for those in sales. Some would argue that one of the most important people in the industry are logistics coordinators (LC). They are the ones that keep things moving between customers, brokers and carriers.

Guess what? You’re in luck! We are hiring for the LC role with an IMMEDIATE opening! You can check out what two of our LC’s love about working at PGT in our Table Talk from Tuesday.

This position will work directly on a broker’s account. You’d be the lead LC on the account and will be responsible for covering freight, doing daily check calls, updating carriers and customers, collecting paperwork, and updating our TMS. The best part? The faster you help the broker’s business grow, the quicker you’ll have the opportunity to be promoted! You control your destiny!

The million-dollar question everyone wants an answer to- What does it pay?

We take pride in our work here at PGT and want you to as well. This role offers a competitive base salary plus a lucrative commission structure. How much you take home is really up to you and how hard you choose to work. Ultimately, it is entirely in your own control.

What else does PGT have to offer? Let us break it down for you by highlighting some of the most important parts.

The atmosphere. Relaxed. Casual. Fun. Sound good yet? PGT is all of those things and then some. We want everyone to enjoy coming to work. Sure, there are always going to be bad days, but we believe there are more good days than bad here. There are TVs going, music in the background, and often jokes and stories flying back and forth. We enjoy simple things like casual attire, walks around the building, flexibility, and team events outside of the office.

The benefits. Our list of benefits continues to grow as we grow. We currently offer a 401k with a 401k match! We want you to be with us until you retire, so let us help get you there. We pay a cell phone stipend and paid time off at time of hire. In addition, we can get you set up with medical, dental and vision insurance. Not bad for a company less than two years old, right?

Growth potential. New company = endless opportunities. We have a solid staff that has laid the groundwork for success, now we just need you to help build the foundation of our future. As we grow, so do the opportunities. The potential to move up into various other roles is endless. You can do as much as you want with us and go as far as you want to go. You control your destiny when you work at PGT. How far do you want to go?

Sounds good, right?

Come join our team! Check out the job description on Indeed and apply while you are there! Or just give us a call at 513-453-6046 to set up an interview.