Growing our team means growing our office!

We always knew we would have to expand and remodel our office at some point. We’d be lying if we thought that would have started in Q2 of 2022. 

But, here we are! In the middle of a remodel a year (or more) ahead of time! It’s a good problem to have, that’s for sure.

We’ve talked about it in a couple of blogs in the last few weeks, so we thought it was time to share more about it. Our team is growing quickly, so we had to jump on the remodel sooner than expected. We only have a few desks left on the main sales floor, so we thought we better get moving so we don’t have to put a hold on growing our team.

It’s started and underway. In early June we cleared everything out and donated most of the office furniture and equipment to local businesses who jumped at the opportunity for some quality stuff! The carpet was torn out earlier this month and the electrician, contractor, painters, etc. have all come through to get their pieces going!

It won’t be long now! Check out our “before” pictures. Yes, they aren’t really the “before” because I didn’t think to get them before the work started. But these are close enough to the start that they will have to do. 

We will keep you updated as progress happens! We are excited for our next chapter!