Taking the Lead

As PGT continues to grow, so does the expectations for our associates, especially our top performers. Earlier this month, we divided our sales associates into three teams, each being led by one of the three top National Account Executives. Jake Garn, Brandon Cliffe & Jason Harper have a team of people they are responsible for when it comes to building relationships with customers and carriers. The success of their teams is determined by their leadership and effort. 

Not only has this given Jake, Brandon and Jason leadership opportunities, it has continued to build on the relationships our staff has amongst themselves. Adding some organizational structure ensures there are multiple points of contact for our associates to go to if they need help or advice. This allows for a defined reporting structure that everyone understands.

Jake, Brandon & Jason have taken on the new responsibilities and their new role at 100% effort. One of their first initiatives was to start a short training session on Wednesday mornings. They cover anything and everything that will help better our associates, their team members, and our company. They dove right in & began leading by example! Keep up the good work, guys!