A Message from the President

The months of August and September have been fantastic for the PGT Team. New records have been set, our first construction project is near completion and will enable us to grow our team from 30 to 60 team members, and our team continues to navigate the current market headwinds with precision and force, providing market share growth. I couldn’t be happier about the way our team is wrapping up Q3 and positioned for Q4 success.

During the last couple months our team has been able to deliver MoM revenue, load volume, and new customer growth. None of the aforementioned “wins” have come easy. Our team continues to focus and deliver on our core values of service and communication. Some days, it can be a difficult road to navigate because we have a priority to take care of our customers needs, all while balancing the needs of our partner carriers and the service we both provide. Our team continues to remain focused on the things they can control, and by doing so, they continue to win in the trenches.

Our team is continuing to grow and in effort to aid that growth, we completely remodeled a wing of our office. The new area will feature an open,

bright concept, allowing for group interaction and continued growth. As mentioned before it will hold 30 additional associates. As the new area begins to fill with new sales team members, we will begin our phase 2 construction project in another area of our building to add 25 more sales and administrative associates. These growth-oriented projects ensure that we’ll be able to take care of our team, customers, and carriers for a long time to come.

The current market conditions continue to present opportunities for success. That said, with linehaul rates and fuel in a correction period compared to 4 -6 months ago, shippers, carriers and transportations companies are all adjusting. Our team is, and will continue to, listen to the

voice of our customers and partner carriers. We appreciate our customers and will do everything we can to aid them during periods of market fluctuation and the same goes for our carrier partners. The headwinds we’re all experiencing will be with us for the foreseeable future and the PGT team will continue to adapt and grow.

As always, I appreciate our PGT team, customers, and partner carriers.

Thanks, and be safe!

Tony Uhrina