Loveland Native

Our associate spotlight is back again this week. Today we introduce you to our first General Sales Manager- Tom Stout! 

Tom joined us last month and has jumped in with both feet from the start. He is originally from Loveland, Ohio, so he’s very familiar with the area. He attended college at The Ohio State University. He is the proud father of two kids, Ella and Eli.

When he thinks on his values and what is most important to him, Tom easily came up with two key attributes: being open-minded and being a positive role model for his kids. He never wants to go into any situation with a predetermined opinion. He would rather be open to any new ideas thrown at him so he can also feel comfortable sharing his ideas. His biggest motivation is kids. Tom wants nothing more than to be a person his children can look up to!

Fun fact: in the 8th grade, one of his friends shot him with a BB gun in the face and the BB was, unbeknownst to him, lodged in his jaw for about 10 years! 

Since he joined PGT, Tom has made it a point to get to know as many people in the office as he can, as quickly as possible. In that time, he confidently can say that his “favorite part of working here is the people!” He has been in the industry for a few years and brings a wealth of knowledge across multiple industries, but he says “the cohesiveness this group posses is something I haven’t experienced at any level in my career.”

Being new to PGT himself, he thought he’d share a piece of advice with anyone wondering what working here is like. “If you like to wake up every day with an excitement of what each new day will bring, then PGT is the place to go,” he said. “Furthermore, at PGT, you’re backed by a staff that is 100% supportive of you in every way you can imagine. Just join us!”