Time for a Change

Sam grew up down the road from where he attended high school and college at the University of Dayton. While in college, Sam started working for Kroger where he did almost every job possible at the store level. After 10 years at Kroger, Sam left to work for a small grocery chain in Northern Ohio. He helped them devise and roll out their new online shopping platform. Sam has also dabbled in web design from time to time, briefly having a website devoted to all things “The Bachelor.” After over a decade in retail, Sam decided it was time for a change and accepted a position with PGT.

Sam lives in Cincinnati with his loving wife, their two-year-old daughter, and two “misbehaved” rescues. When Sam isn’t working, he enjoys time with his family, traveling, and punishing himself by cheering on his beloved Chicago sports teams.

Sam has participated in sports his entire life, both as a player and as a coach. He’s seen every extreme of success with those teams- from nearly none all the way up to a “dynasty” track program. His experience with athletics has provided a lot of life lessons. “Individual effort and recognition only get you so far,” Sam learned, “but teamwork will lead you to greatness.”

One of the best parts of working at PGT goes back to that life lesson. “We are a team every single day. When one person needs help, multiple people jump in to solve the problem,” Sam said.

He enjoys coming to work every day because it feels like he’s going into an office with his buddies. “Since day one, I was treated like everyone knew me for years,” he explained. 

“What initially attracted me to PGT was the energetic staff, with big dreams and high expectations!” That’s also what keeps him here. “I love coming to work because I get to see my friends succeed with me.”

For Sam, his main goal is very cut and dry. “I want to wake and do the best I can to make an honest living for my family because they deserve best!”