Fresh out of College

We’ve used various avenues acquire top-notch talent! Last year, we branched into the college career fair market and came across a good one! It didn’t take long for us to know we had to snatch him up before he found something else!

Today we introduce you to Patrick Carnahan!

Patrick is from Columbus, Ohio and is a recent graduate of the University of Cincinnati (Go Bearcats)! He graduated with a degree in Industrial Management and started with us just a couple weeks later!

He takes great value in humor, genuine kindness, and optimism in the people he’s close with. And he means it! He takes a lot of pride in being able to make a dad joke off almost anything! Patrick is confident that there is a good statistical chance that he’s the tallest, left-handed, green-eyed person in the world…purely because of how narrow that demographic is!

Professionally, Patrick is motivated by a desire to create his own success as well as a deep-rooted inclination to pay his bills. He saw the opportunity to do just that at PGT! We gave him the opportunity to job shadow while he was finishing his degree at UC to give him some insight into the industry and the company. Since arriving earlier this month, Patrick says his favorite part of working at PGT is “by far the people.” He explained, “Everyone is approachable and friendly. They made my first few weeks engaging and entertaining.”

The team atmosphere at PGT is something he shares with others. “You can rely on your team. I’ve only known mine for a short time and I already feel like I can ask them anything and they’ll support me.”

Welcome to the team, Patrick!