A Local Addition

It’s that time again! Meet one of our newest team members: Gunner!

Gunner is a local guy, joining us from just around the corner in Loveland, Ohio. He is married to his wife Morgan of two years and together they have a one year old named Hudson. Of course, you can’t leave out the animals! Gunner has two cats, Max & Sox, along with one Bernese Mountain Dog, Murphy. He is the youngest of four boys in his family.

When it’s all said and done, at the heart of his motivation and drive is his family. He wants his family to have the best life possible and believes he can provide that by joining our team at PGT. 

“I just want to give my kids more than what I had,” he stated.

He’s a Cincinnati sports fan through and through, so much so that he is a season ticket holder to FC Cincinnati. A fun fact about Gunner is that his dream as a kid was to be a photographer. Why? Because of Spiderman! Somewhere along the way, that dream must have changed, because he’s about as far from it as he can get working at PGT (HA!). 

“The one thing that drew me to PGT early on and since I’ve been here is the people,” Gunner explained. “It’s just a genuinely good group of people and I’m excited to be part of that group as I learn the ins and outs of all things PGT!”

Welcome to the team, Gunner!! We are happy to have you.