Experience Not Required

Did you know that PGT is willing to train anyone that is willing to come in every day, work hard, and learn? Erik wanted a career change and dove right in. He’s committed to learning and growing with the company and is taking the industry by storm!

We asked Erik to introduce himself for today’s Associate Spotlight! This is what he had to say:

I was born and raised in Lancaster, Ohio but moved to Cincinnati earlier this year to start working at PGT. I went to school at Ohio University in Athens for a couple years where I studied engineering and business. At OU, I was part of a great student organization on campus called Phi Sigma Pi, a co-ed honors fraternity that focused on local philanthropy, professional development, and events to learn new skills.

I am the youngest of four in my family. I have two older sisters and an older brother. We were raised to have a love for learning, so we all enjoy reading and learning new skills. 

I’ve been a lifelong student of martial arts. I started with Okinawan Shuri-ryu karate when I was nine and passed my black belt test at 17 years old. After that, I spent a couple years training in Krav Maga and taught others whenever I could. One of my favorite experiences was getting to teach self-defense classes at Ohio University. I also enjoy archery and playing video games with my sister and cousin.

I enjoy working at PGT because of the relaxed, team-oriented atmosphere. It’s so different from anywhere else I’ve worked. Instead of being there because we have to, every one of us shows up each day to win. It’s a great feeling knowing that I played a part in a whole truckload of a freight reaching its destination on time.


If you’re considering joining our team, my advice is to take the leap. It is the greatest opportunity for anyone that is willing to learn, adapt and be part of a very successful and growing company. I am new to the transportation industry but with the PGT training, I already feel experienced and confident. I am more excited for the future opportunities and success.