Proud Dad

One of our newest associates came to us as a referral by Erica! Lucky for her…he seems to be working out great 😉

Today we introduce you to Bryan Bellamy!

He was born and raised in Cincinnati and attended both Tiffin University and the University of Cincinnati. Bryan is a proud father to his three children: Joella, Quentin, and Sawyer. He says they are all phenomenal students and are great athletes. Quentin plays baseball year-round for his select travel team and the girls are loving soccer. 

Bryan takes a lot of pride in his work ethic and being a genuinely good person. “I try to live by the motto ‘never look in anyone else’s bowl unless you are making sure they have enough’ and I make a point to teach my kids the same. Being kind and generous is the key to life,” he shared. 

Bryan has coached soccer for a few years and loves spending the weekends riding side by sides and hanging out with his buddies. He even had had an opportunity to play baseball for the Minnesota Twins organization.

It is important to Bryan to improve every day. “We never stay in the same place, we are either moving forward or backward daily, so even the smallest improvement is heading in the right direction,” Bryan said. 

Even though it hasn’t been long, Bryan has enjoyed his time at PGT so far. Why? He says it’s because everyone is friendly and willing to help and all the resources you need are always at your disposal and are top of the line. 

“If the effort is put forth, you will succeed at PGT. The proof is all around the office,” Bryan explained. “It’s just a fun and enjoyable place to work because all the employees have a great sense of humor and are very down to Earth. If you have the opportunity to come to PGT and don’t, well, you’ve missed out! PGT is built different. The people really care and with hard work, success is inevitable!”