Boy Dad

Today’s staff spotlight goes to one of our other January new hires- Austin McNamara! Let’s just get straight to it.

Austin from Northern, Kentucky, but he moved around a lot. He went to ten different schools in his youth. He likes to think of it as building his network at an early age (ha!). He is married to his wife Desiree and they have three sons, Carter (12), Declan (7) and Maverick (2). His family is his world!

Prior to joining us at PGT, Austin did a variety of different things. He was a heavy duty truck mechanic and shop manager for five years then got into car sales for a few years, and was a licensed loan originator for the last five years. He graduated from WyoTech where he studied heavy duty diesel mechanics and business management. 

When it comes to self-motivation, Austin resorts back to three things: family, money, and recognition! All of those things tied together motivate him every day to be the best version of himself. In his free time, he loves hanging out with his wife and kids and going golfing with his buddies. Austin is officially a Kentucky Colonel- the highest award/honor a civilian can receive from the governor of Kentucky.

In his short time at PGT, he states that his favorite part is “the atmosphere because it is such a tight knit group of people that all work together!” Austin looks forward to going above and beyond for his customers and team. “I pride myself on my ability to handle stressful situations because I am good at finding solutions,” Austin explained.

Welcome to the team, Austin!