Perspective Matters

We have been sharing a monthly segment called Ladies in Logistics for a few months now. Instead of interviewing one of the other women in the office, Kandra took a different route this month. She interview Jake Garn, one of our top brokers. She asked him questions about how he views LIL, especially at PGT.

Jake has been in the logistics industry for almost four years. He has worked with his fair share of women in that time who have all been very successful. He shared some advice for ladies looking to break into the industry: “Just dive in and be prepared for a fast paced working environment.” He back-tracked after that and acknowledged that he’d actually tell anyone that, regardless of who it is. 

When Kandra asked Jake if he sees a difference in how women are treated in the industry compared to men, he was very quick to answer “No, I believe our office goes out of the way to make sure everyone is treated equally. Our management makes it a priority to make sure everyone is given the same platform to be successful!”

He did admit that it wasn’t always that way everywhere he’s been. “It’s unfortunate, but some places and people don’t treat everyone the same and kind of look down on women in the industry,” Jake shared. “I’m proud to say it isn’t that way at PGT in any capacity. The reality is, the women at PGT actually rule our office when it comes down to it!”