Interviewing at PGT

In a world where everyone seems to be hiring all the time, the interview process has become very critical. For a lot of people, interviews are stressful, nerve-racking and something we don’t enjoy, regardless of which side of the interview we are on.

The more you know going in, the better, right? So here is a quick snapshot of what our process is like. We think you will find it simple, relaxed, and productive!

At PGT, we have modified and streamlined our interview process. The entire process can go as quickly or as long as you want it to. We will always make time to schedule interviews same day, next day, or next week- whatever works best in your schedule. And we aren’t all about taking up hours of your time!

So what are the steps?

Step 1- Apply

Step 2- Schedule

Step 3- Phone

Step 4- Virtual

Step 5- In Person

It seems obvious right? We don’t know that you are interested unless you apply and/or send in your resume!

We’ll review your resume and call you to schedule an interview if we think you’d be a good fit!

There will be a phone interview with our Director of Administration and/or human resources rep.

We would conduct a virtual interview with our lead broker (if applicable for the position applying for).

The final step is an in-person interview with the President of the company at our headquarters.

All of these steps can be completed within 2 days if you want it to! We are flexible and will go to the beat of your drum when it comes to this process.

Better yet? Our onboarding process- offer letter to first day on the job- can take as little as a week if you want it to!

See for yourself! Check out our openings on Indeed!