Get to know Jason

PGT takes pride in our team’s diverse backgrounds. What fun would it be if everyone in the office was the same? That’s not the case here.

Today’s Staff Spotlight is Jason Harper. Jason has been with us for almost a year and has proven to be an asset to both the company and the industry.

Jason grew up in the Cincinnati area. He made the honorable decision to join the United States Marine Corp after high school. With the Marines, he served our country for eight years. He was deployed multiple times to various countries around the world. After leaving the Marines he attended college at Miami University and earned a degree in Project Management and Professional Leadership.

It wasn’t long after graduating from college that Jason got his start in logistics. He jumped in head first with the second largest 3PL in the country and has been in the industry in some capacity ever since. Jason explained what he likes most about PGT. “I like working at PGT because of the aggressive mindset of the senior leadership.”

Jason values his integrity most of all. “My integrity is important to me in my personal life and even more so as I conduct business daily,” he stated. “I am motivated to provide reliable service to my customers and to be an example for others to follow.”