Building Relationships

We talk about our brokers a lot and how they work hard every day to build and maintain relationships with our customers. Don’t get us wrong- that’s definitely worth talking about. But sometimes we know it is equally as important to talk about the relationships with our carriers.

PGT has worked hard to build a carrier base that not only fits our customers’ needs, but ours as well. Along with that has come a strong group of carrier partners who continue to run with us.

Our logistics coordinators (and our brokers too), work diligently to build strong partnerships with our carriers. This gives us the opportunity to provide better service to our customers when we can work with carriers consistently and frequently.

Erica, who joined our team recently, has already made big strides in this area. So much so, one of our carrier partners sent her this awesome gift basket. (No, it wasn’t her birthday, ha!)

This is just one way that proves Erica will go above and beyond to make sure our carriers are able to move freight quickly, efficiently, and as smooth as possible. She may be newer to the industry, but she has sure picked it up quickly! Keep it up, Erica!