Meet Gunner

A Local Addition

It’s that time again! Meet one of our newest team members: Gunner!

Gunner is a local guy, joining us from just around the corner in Loveland, Ohio. He is married to his wife Morgan of two years and together they have a one year old named Hudson. Of course, you can’t leave out the animals! Gunner has two cats, Max & Sox, along with one Bernese Mountain Dog, Murphy. He is the youngest of four boys in his family.

When it’s all said and done, at the heart of his motivation and drive is his family. He wants his family to have the best life possible and believes he can provide that by joining our team at PGT. 

“I just want to give my kids more than what I had,” he stated.

He’s a Cincinnati sports fan through and through, so much so that he is a season ticket holder to FC Cincinnati. A fun fact about Gunner is that his dream as a kid was to be a photographer. Why? Because of Spiderman! Somewhere along the way, that dream must have changed, because he’s about as far from it as he can get working at PGT (HA!). 

“The one thing that drew me to PGT early on and since I’ve been here is the people,” Gunner explained. “It’s just a genuinely good group of people and I’m excited to be part of that group as I learn the ins and outs of all things PGT!”

Welcome to the team, Gunner!! We are happy to have you.

Spark Awards Finalist

PGT announced as Better Business Bureau Spark® Awards Finalist

Cincinnati, September 19, 2023 — Premier Global Transportation, a third-party logistics provider located at 1252 State Route 28 in Milford, announced today that it has been named a 2023 Spark Awards finalist by Better Business Bureau Cincinnati.

Launched in 2019, the BBB® Spark Awards celebrate outstanding young entrepreneurs, business owners, and startup founders (35 years old or younger) and distinguished new businesses (in operation three years or less).

Through the Spark Awards, BBB highlights the next generation of ethical businesses. The 2023 Spark Awards finalists were selected by a panel of local 

business leaders for their character-driven operations, extraordinary workplace cultures, and dedication to the community.

“It is an honor to be recognized as a finalist for the award for the second year in a row. We have a fantastic team who has helped set the foundation for us to continue to build and grow and we can’t wait to see where that takes us in the future,” Tony Uhrina, President of PGT said about the honor. “We are excited to attend the Gala next month to celebrate our own success, but just as importantly, the success of all those nominated!”

Winning organizations will be revealed live onstage at the 2023 Torch Awards for Ethics and Spark Awards Gala on Wednesday, October 4, 5:30–8:30 p.m. at Cincinnati Art Museum. Spark Awards finalists will be honored at the event, as well as finalists and winners for the Torch Awards for Ethics program. Reserve your spot at the red-carpet awards gala today.

Media Contact: Tony Uhrina, President
Phone: (513) 575-7645

Meet Ashley

A True Cincinnati Native

Our newest associate and latest addition to our Logistics Coordinator staff is Ashley! She is a Cincinnati native, born and raised here her entire life. She went to school in Mariemont and currently lives in Milford!

Ashley celebrated ten years of marriage this year. Together their blended family consists of four children and two cats. Ashley has one biological son who is 11 along with three bonus kids, ages 21, 16, and 15. Her two cats are rescues from the SPCA. In the winter, their free time is spent at the Cincinnati Cyclones hockey team as a season ticket holder!

She has been in logistics for about two years, but when she thought about joining PGT, it was the small, family company that drew her in. “I’ve worked at a couple different multi-billion dollar companies in the past, and I realized it just isn’t for me. I feel like a smaller company is the way to go!”

Money tends to be the motivator for most people who show up to work every day, and Ashley definitely fits in that category. She knows at PGT, her paycheck is determined by her drive and success. That’s why she takes a lot of pride in her adaptability. “I am a quick learner once I can get my  hands on things,” she explained.

Her best advice to anyone looking to join the team in any type of sales/negotiation role would be to befriend a truck driver outside of work to help you see both sides of the industry. She also believes having a yard sale will help tremendously. She added, “have a yard sale and haggle the prices on every single item. You’ll build some strong negotiation skills that way.”

In her free time, Ashley enjoys crafting. She started a small crafting business during the peak of COVID. She’s excited for the craft fair in November!

We are excited to see how Ashley grows the account she works on daily! Big things are in store!

Meet Jim D

New to Industry, not new to Sales

We recently added another Jim to our team, the second one this year! Maybe it’s a new trend?! Let’s introduce you to Jim Dietz, our newest team member!

Jim was born and raised in Northern, Kentucky. He attended the University of Cincinnati where he graduated with a bachelor’s in marketing. He has been in sales for almost five years, but is new to the logistics world. He lives with his girlfriend, Macee and their cat, Oliver.

Like most people, Jim is motivated by his family and girlfriend. He takes a lot of pride in how hard he works and the respect he has for anyone around him. He loves being outside and enjoying time with his family and friends. Jim isn’t one to turn down some golf, hunting, or fishing. “Just get me outside in my free time and I’m happy!”

He hasn’t been here long, but it usually doesn’t matter when it comes to culture at PGT. Jim said he really enjoys the atmosphere and colleagues at PGT. “Working at a great company with great culture and people makes coming here every day a lot more enjoyable,” he explained. “That’s exactly what I would tell anyone considering joining the team here.”

March LIL

Ladies in Logistics- March Edition

It’s only fitting for our March LIL to be our latest team member- Victoria! She has been with PGT for several months now and she is definitely thriving!

Victoria decided to follow in her brothers’ footsteps and try out in the industry to see if it was something she’d enjoy. She got into the industry when she was just 18 years old, right out of high school. Her first experience in the industry was working night dispatch. She admittedly had no idea what she was doing.

Now, years later, Victoria’s favorite part of the industry is the fast paced environment and that it requires quick, on the spot, thinking and problem solving. “It’s true that the industry can be stressful at times, but I really enjoy it,” Victoria explained. “PGT has a lot to do with that.”

She further explained that she’s worked with both the “big dogs” and the “little ones” and each place had their own pros and cons. What sticks out to her the most about PGT is the way everyone is willing to step in and help in every aspect. Whether you need help with scheduling, questions, contacts, communication, etc, someone is always willing to lend a hand. “Everyone really wants to see the person sitting next to them succeed,” she said.

Her advice to anyone considering getting into the industry is: “Be ready! It is not easy in the beginning. There’s a lot of information to absorb and you can quickly become lost if you don’t keep yourself organized and just stick with it.” She added that it’s important to lean on your leaders and mentors for help so you can succeed in the industry. 

Victoria is leading the way for future sales administrators and we look forward to her continued growth and success! We are happy to have you, Victoria! Keep doing your thing!

Meet Jim

Cincy Native

Jim joined us a little over a week ago, but it’s no secret that big things are expected because of his experience. So let’s get into it.

Jim was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. He attended Cincinnati State where he earned his associate’s degree in clinical science. He values his family, his fiancé and nine year old daughter, above all else!

He has been in logistics for over thirteen years. It has always been one of Jim’s passions. He spent many years working from home which gave him the freedom to travel while he worked- which kept life interesting- until COVID. 

“PGT has given me an opportunity to work in an exciting and energetic environment again,” Jim explained. “I’m extremely grateful for that.”

Even in his short time with us at PGT, Jim is

confident that anyone who wants to learn the business or has a passion for logistics should come to PGT. “You’ll be welcomed with open arms and everyone is willing to help,” he added. “Your success is important to everyone!”

Welcome to the team, Jim! We look forward to your success!

Meet Aaron

Poker Face?

In late January, we added another National Account Manager to our team. We’ll let him introduce himself to you!

Hello, my name is Aaron Taylor. I have been married for over ten years. My wife and I have two kids together, an eight year old daughter and five year old son. In my free time, I enjoy playing and dealing poker!

I have been in industry for 15 years. I spent seven of those years in local LTL freight. I take a lot of pride in my drive to work hard and be a team player.

As simple as it sounds, my biggest motivation is to be successful for my family.

I haven’t been at PGT long, but so far, I’ve really enjoyed working here because of the atmosphere. Everyone is so willing to help and work together toward the same goal here, so it makes it more enjoyable. I would recommend anyone considering PGT to jump on in with us because you’ll enjoy the atmosphere!

We are excited to have Aaron on our team and look forward to his success!

Meet Chase

Local Girl Dad

January was a big month for us in terms of hiring. We added five new associates. We introduced you to three of them already, so let’s keep going through the list.

Next up is today’s spotlight, Chase Eldridge.

Chase joined us in late January but is no stranger to the industry. He has been an account manager for four years, so he brings a lot of knowledge and experience to the team! He is from Eastgate and went to Batavia schools growing up. He’s not a believer in college, unless it’s a field that is necessary. On a good shoe day, Chase is an astounding 5’6″…tall?

One of his goals is to become less prideful and focus on God and his two daughters, ages ten and five. Ultimately, Chase values and is motivated by financial freedom.

The one thing that he enjoys the most about being here is the culture. It’s what attracted Chase to PGT in the first place. His advice to someone considering joining our team is much different than anyone else. He said, “I mean, in all honesty, I would say it is great, but go find somewhere else so everyone that’s already here can get as much of the business as possible!” He was joking of course. Sort of. Maybe. (Reference the financial freedom above, ha!) Yes, he was. 

We look forward to your success, Chase!

Meet Gary

46 Years of Experience

Most of our sales positions are inside sales, however, our first outside sales manager worked out very well, so we decided to add a second one!

So, meet Gary Dobaczewski, our newest outside sales manager! He introduces himself below!

My name is Gary. I was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio and graduated from the University of Toledo with a degree in Business Management and a minor in Marketing and Logistics. I’m an alumnus of Bowling Green State University and a member of Delta Nu Alpha Transportation fraternity associated with the University of Toledo.

I have been in the transportation industry for 46 years in various roles, including sales representative, sales manager, terminal manager, national account executive, and national sales director. Those positions have led me across the country, living in Ohio, Michigan, Maryland, and West Virginia.

I was happily married to my late wife Becky for 44 years, until her death three years ago. She was not only my wife, but also my best friend and mother to our two children, Eric and Rosanne. She was an author of two books and an inventor. I am also a musician playing with several big bands in Northwestern Ohio and Northeast Michigan. Being Polish, I have also played in several Polka Bands in the local areas.

I pride myself on being the best I can be and value thinking outside the box to develop business solutions. I believe there aren’t any obstacles that you can’t overcome. I am a strong believer in God and Country. I was in Boy Scout Leadership for 18 years working with young boys to develop their skill. I helped them to believe in themselves so they can confidently achieve their goals with hard work and the right mindset.  

When it comes to PGT, I really enjoy the relationship with my teammates and the personal drive and professionalism they have to achieve their daily goals. If you like to work hard and want to earn more than a salary paycheck, PGT is truly the place to be.

January LIL

New Year, New LIL

New to the industry? No problem.

Natasha Caudill joined PGT over eight months ago as our second Logistics Administrator. Her role started as operational, but has quickly turned into more of a back office position where she handles a lot of our accounting and behind-the-scenes tasks.

When she was asked what intrigued her the most about the industry, she explained that it was the entrepreneurial atmosphere she felt at PGT. She also shared that “the logistics world is much more exciting than I expected because of the fast-paced environment.” 

She encourages others to join the industry but “the expectation to ‘work hard, play hard’ is very real, however, the rewards PGT has to offer is definitely worth it.” For Natasha, PGT provides endless opportunities for all women and men equally. She further explained that “ladies are never left out and are equally included and recognized.”

We are thrilled to have to Natasha on our team and are excited to see her continue growth and success.

PGT takes pride in our ability to treat everyone as equals and provide equal opportunities for everyone.