Red's Day

A social media on a personal Facebook page (we posted a picture of us having fun at work), made us think. The comment? “Do you guys ever work? Lol.”

The comment was meant as a joke for sure. But it got us thinking. Is that what everyone thinks when they see the posts of all the fun we have? Well for your information, yes, yes we do! HAHA!

In all seriousness, we do work, and we work really hard. PGT just recently celebrated our two year anniversary and the reality is, I don’t think anyone really expected to be where we are today. We are growing- quickly- and we are succeeding at a very high level. 

When you work hard, the opportunity to play just as  hard becomes the norm. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the success they are having individually and as a company? 

**PGT purchased the song “The Cheap Seats” by Alabama to use in this video. We do not own the rights to this song.**

We take pride in our ability to do that at PGT. Yesterday, some of the staff and office-challenge winners took the afternoon to attend the Red’s game.

If your team enjoys hanging out when you’re outside of the office, it just makes coming to work more enjoyable. Sounds good right? Come join us and partake in all the fun!