Who is Premier Global Transportation?

If we are being honest, that’s a loaded question.

At a very high-level, we are a non-asset based third-party logistics provider. But what does that mean?

We’ll explain.

We develop custom solutions for your supply chain challenges. It could be as simple as scheduling trucks to pick up your shipments. It could also be as complex as routing, cost analysis, cost savings, scheduling, data analysis and much more. Our team has a proven track record of delivering superior customer service in all of those areas. 

With over 75 years combined industry experience, we are confident we can make your job easier! At PGT we provide exceptional logistics services that result in strong partnerships with our customers and carriers built on trust, reliability and professionalism.

Our account managers take pride in being able to solve problems and our operational staff loves executing those solutions. We want to be partners and create win-win situations for everyone. We tackle your business challenges as if they are our own.

We’ve been breaking down our core values one by one in other blogs this month, so we won’t go too far into that here. Our values are based on the foundation of T.I.M.E.- our most valuable asset- Teamwork, Integrity, Meticulous, Excellence. In every interaction, we strive to uphold our values to keep or team and your business on track.

Open, honest communication is key. We believe in 100% transparency. We will always have open lines of communication to build strong sustainable relationships with our customers, carriers and employees.

It is important to invest in ourselves as well. This allows us to better serve and understand our customers. We have adopted several new technologies that are easy-to-use by our carriers and customers to improve overall experiences. Our software systems are customizable to your needs and requirements. It gives us a different insight into the industry that allows our team to maintain a forward-thinking attitude every day.

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