Teamwork makes the dream work

Every company has core values. When PGT was started, having the right core values was vital. Those values had to drive honest success and bring values to everyone involved in our business.

We determined that T.I.M.E. was our most valuable asset. In every interaction, we strive to uphold our values to keep our team and your business on track.

What does T.I.M.E. mean for you?

Rather than expand on it all in one way-too-long blog, we will be breaking it down each week for the rest of the month.

Today’s focus: T is for Teamwork.

Everyone knows the phrase “teamwork makes the dream work,” right? That’s definitely what we believe at PGT.

Each account manager has relationships he/she has built with customers. But what happens when an account manager wants to take a family vacation or has an emergency? Or what if they are in a meeting or stepped out for lunch briefly? At PGT, your service will not change. Our team jumps on board to ensure we don’t miss a beat. Still need freight moved or an update on a shipment? No problem! Our team will get the job done for you and provide any answers you need.

Success is measured many different ways. It is always important to have individual goals, but at PGT we put a larger focus on team goals. We believe our success is based on your success, so we will build a team in our office to support the team in yours. Together we can master any challenge thrown at us. This industry can often be like a rollercoaster ride, so keeping focus on team goals is what powers us through the challenging dynamic of the logistics world. 

Our team goals are simple:

  • 100% on-time pick up
  • Proactive, daily updates on all shipments based on customer needs
  • 100% on-time delivery
  • 24-hour paperwork collection and processing
  • Save our customers as much money as possible

Do we achieve those goals all day, every day? No, but we will die trying! It’s obvious some things are out of everyone’s control- weather, tire blowouts, traffic- but, if we can control it, we will!