Attention to Detail

And we’re back at it! Time to continue our discussion on our core values! If you missed it, we discussed teamwork and integrity early this month. Go check it out and come back for the third piece here.

We have determined that T.I.M.E. was our most valuable asset. In every interaction, we strive to uphold our values to keep our team and your business on track.

But what does T.I.M.E. mean for you? We continue this discussion with today’s focus: M is for Meticulous.

Attention to detail. Precision. Over communication. Perfection.

That’s what being meticulous means at PGT. We will never be satisfied when it comes to our customer service. We are always looking for ways to improve and be better than we were yesterday.

One word tends to be the focus of many staff meetings around here: precise.

We believe precision is key in logistics because it involves meticulous behavior. Checking and double checking. Then triple checking. The more we can prevent errors, the easier it is on all of us. We’ve created multiple systems to help catch errors before they become problems. We regularly analyze various ways to refine those systems to be better.

We have also used technology to give us a giant leap forward. We have a new, customizable TMS system that has helped catch human error. It is set up to recognize each customers’ requirements and expectations to help prevent common errors. We plan to continue to use top of the line technology to better serve our customers.

If you want it, we can make it happen! We promise to execute to your standards meticulously, precisely, and as close to perfection as we can get. Every day. Every shipment. Give us a shot!