Going the Extra Mile

It may be a simple concept, but not everyone does it. Here? It’s just what we do.

We take every opportunity we get to learn, understand, and get feedback from our carriers and customers. What better way to do that than see it all firsthand?

That’s exactly what account manager Jason Harper did last week when we drove out to one of his customer’s delivery locations.

But the real question is why. Why bother seeing your customer’s product deliver? Why take time out of your day to check in on a truck driver delivering product for you?

The more we understand about your company, product, and procedures, the better service we can provide. At PGT, we honor our promise of quality service from start to finish. When we get the opportunity to learn more about the shipping and receiving processes our customers deal with, we jump at it. It provides great insight to other aspects of the business. Then we can provide some feedback for you on ideas we may have to make things easier on your end.

It’s always an added bonus when we can see the delivery process from the carrier side of things. It is a great way for us to build relationships with our carrier base, which, in turn, ensure your freight is handled by the drivers who value our relationship.

We’d love to come check out your facilities to ensure we understand just how complex your supply chain is and how we can better serve you. Ask your account rep or give us a call at 513-575-7645. Let’s make it happen!