Excellence- the final core value

We’ve reached the end. It’s time to finish our discussion on our core values!

We have determined that T.I.M.E. is our most valuable asset. In every interaction, we strive to uphold our values to keep our team and your business on track. If you missed it, we discussed teamwork, integrity & meticulous earlier this month.

But what does T.I.M.E. mean for you? We continue this discussion with today’s focus: E is for Excellence.

We do the job and we do it well.

If there’s one thing to describe our focus, it’s definitely excellence. Ironically, that means we have to do the other pieces as well.

Excellence means things to different people, but at PGT excellence is defined by execution. Did we give our customers what we promised? Will they trust us with their freight again? Did our carriers have a good experience with the shippers and receivers? We will become a preferred carrier for us?

We answer those questions every day to evaluate our level of excellence. It’s obvious the answer can’t always be “yes” to all of those questions every time. But that’s the goal, no matter how unrealistic it may be. There are a lot of moving parts, many that PGT can’t always control, but we will do our best to control as much as we can.

Control becomes easier with technology. That’s why we have invested a great deal of our time, money and energy into having top-of-the-line technology options for our customers and carriers. We have a customized TMS software, upgraded phone and internet options, and have major IT projects in the works. All of this helps us, and you, reach the highest operational efficiency possible.

PGT believes we are the standard for excellence. That doesn’t always mean perfection, but we’ll get as close to that as we possibly can. We want your freight to move without issues so your experience is…dare we say it…EXCELLENT!