You HAVE to eat a Donut, right?

When it’s National Donut Day, you have to participate, right?

Not that we need an excuse to eat donuts or anything, but when you have one, you might as well capitalize on it.

Why is a day dedicated to donuts worthy of its own blog post? At PGT, things can get a little crazy sometimes. This industry never sleeps which can cause some headaches and situations that pose a challenge every once in awhile (let’s be real, what job doesn’t?). 

When we have the opportunity to take a short break and hang out with each other- even if it’s for 5 minutes- we jump at the chance. We are all for having a good time, no matter how long it is…and if you add food to the mix, count us in!

Take a minute and have a donut today- because, why not?