Power of PGT with Kandra & Jenn

How PGT has impacted their lives

You’ve heard from a few of our associates on what they like about PGT and why they enjoy working here. Today, Kandra and Jenn decided they wanted to tell you their stories together. 

The video today is them talking to each other (and you) about how the jump from their previous job to a career with PGT was the best decision for them. They explain what they like about it, and what keeps them coming back for more- even with an hour+ commute every day. 

Give it a listen!

Earth Day

Make the Earth Smile

Happy Earth Day! Shouldn’t it be every day? We think so! But did you know that the first Earth Day wasn’t celebrated until 1970 and didn’t go global until 1990? That’s crazy if you ask us.

If we’re being honest, sometimes it feels like having an impact is impossible. It seems like such a huge task to help save the planet. Well, it is. But it starts small. All of us can do little things to help make the world a better, safer place to live.

At PGT we recognize that we don’t have the reach necessary to make a huge impact, but that doesn’t stop us from doing everything we can to help.


"If you do enough small things right, big things can happen!" - John Wooden

So that’s where we start…small.

We talked about a piece of the puzzle that is directed toward the transportation industry in last week’s blog. PGT has gone through the process of becoming a SafeWay Transport Partner to work with carriers who value protecting the environment. We make those carriers a priority because their values match ours.

Is it much? No, not really. We could probably do more- and we will! It’s important to all of us at PGT to take care of the world we live in! Happy Earth Day!

On a daily basis we do small things to help our environment- a lot of which people don’t even realize.

Paperless: for the most part, our company is entirely paperless. Our files are stored electronically, we opt for ACH payments whenever possible, and we utilize our software systems to build our databases.

Recycling: when we can’t be paperless, we recycle it. We make weekly trips to the recycling center to dispose of carboard, paper, cans, bottles, etc. We believe it is important to reuse as much as possible!

Energy-Efficient: we have installed energy-efficient lighting throughout the building to help keep energy usage as low as possible. We also keep our furnace and air conditioner units serviced and maintained to ensure they are running efficiently.

Meet Our President

The man behind PGT

Premier Global Transportation is a third party logistics company that got our official start in June 2020 when president Tony Uhrina decided to take a leap of faith and branch out on his own. Tony started in the industry in 2006 and has since held various roles in sales, logistics, transportation and supply chain. Most recently, he was the vice president of operations at a trucking company in the Cincinnati market. He believes his experiences in various facets of the logistics industry will continue to be the foundation for growth at PGT.

When starting PGT, Tony put a lot of thought into what values he believed in and what he wanted to build the company foundation going forward. He determined that TIME would be the core of those values. For us, TIME stands for Teamwork, Integrity, Meticulous, & Excellence (we will go into detail about this later in the month). Tony takes a lot of pride in these core values and they are on the forefront of his mind every day with the team here at PGT and in his personal life.

Outside of work, Tony loves spending time with his family. He married his wife Katie in 2013 and together they have two young boys. Both boys keep them on their toes and do their best to keep them young, even if they are giving him a few gray hairs! They enjoy watching Browns & Bengals football and UC Bearcat athletics together, most recently celebrating the Bengals & Bearcats post-season accomplishments. They enjoy traveling the world together and exploring as much as they can. Tony enjoys meeting friends on the golf course and is always looking to meet new people to join in on the fun.