Can a 3PL help cut costs?

That’s a common question in the freight industry.

The answer is YES! Absolutely! 100% it can. But what’s the catch? Selecting the RIGHT 3PL for you and your business.

Insert Premier Global Transportation.

Our goal is to take as much off your plate as possible. We know our customers have plenty to do, so we want to take on as much as we can to allow them to focus on other aspects of the business. So, how can we save you money?

You know the saying- “time is money.” We can free up your time. It’s that simple. We will take on the difficult, time-consuming task of finding the right carrier to move your freight and we are very diligent in the process. We utilize many different programs and tools to vet our carriers to ensure the best service possible. We handle that so you don’t to. We believe your time is better spent on other areas of your business.

We are in the business of moving freight. It’s what we do. It’s who we are. This is what we specialize in. Let us do what we do so you can focus on what you do. We promise we won’t let you down. Our goal is always to provide you with a smooth, flawless, and impeccable service with our expertise and proactive communication. We promise to keep you informed with the most accurate status update available to build an honest working relationship with you. Our goal is complete satisfaction on every shipment.

How do we uphold that promise? Here are the top reason:



We have invested in top of the line, customizable technology solutions. Do you want notified with an update every time it is entered in the system? Our system can do that for you. Do you require your paperwork to look a certain way with specific information included? Our developers can do that for us quickly and precisely. Do you have specific insurance, equipment, or load requirements? We can set our system to block any carrier that doesn’t meet those requirements for you to prevent service failure. Long story short- our system is customized for YOU.


We pride ourselves on our top notch team of people. We hire intelligent, hard-working people who have the ability to learn, challenge themselves, and succeed in a very dynamic industry. We proudly have over 75 years combined industry experience, but at the same time, have a very diverse group of associates that aren’t afraid to bring new ideas to the table. Everyone has the same goal: help our customers be successful, no matter what it takes.



It is no secret that freight costs have skyrocketed, specifically since the COVID pandemic. It is our mission to drive your costs down, but still pay carriers a fair wage (and make a little money ourselves, too). The key to that is our lucrative pay scale for our associates. They don’t have to worry about their personal finances through large margins on your freight. Instead, they can focus on driving your costs down knowing that they will be taken care of financially. We are only as successful as you are! Since the most common metric driving success in business is cost, let us help you save!

Let us prove it to you. Give us a call at 513-575-7645 or email us at