On Friday, we took the opportunity to celebrate. In fact, we had a lot to celebrate, so we made sure to go all out!

As you can tell in the video, the focus was Independence Day! We had an informal contest to see who could dress the most patriotic. A lot of people brought their A-game, but the clear winner is Jason. We are confident you can figure out who that is by watching the video!

We also took the opportunity to celebrate an incredible first half of the year. Big things continue to happen at PGT and as we head into the 3rd quarter, we thought it was important to add a little more to the cookout. We played some games, invited family and friends, and enjoyed a little extra time together.

Check out the video for the best snapshot of the afternoon!

**PGT purchased the song you hear in the video. It is “USA” by Filmore featuring Pitbull**