Every day is 401k day at PGT

Did you know PGT is just over two years old? We’ve seen a lot of continuous growth in that short time in many areas of the business. One of those areas is in people. We have almost 10x more people than we did two years ago. 

With exponential growth in personnel comes important change. It was vital for management to implement additional benefits- and 401k was one of the first!

PGT offers 401k with company match. Yes, you read that right. A company added this important life benefit before being in business for two full years. Why? Because it’s important to help our team plan for their future. No one wants to work the rest of their lives- no matter how much we love where we work, right? We want to help our associates when that long awaited retirement becomes reality.

What exactly do we offer?

After you’ve been with PGT for 90 days, you are eligible to participate in our 401k program. You are able to choose the type of program you participate in so that your future is in your control! Then, the best part! The company will match 100% of the first one percent of your total contribution. After that, PGT will match 50% of the next five percent of your contribution. Yes, that means, we are matching up to 6% of your contribution! 

So why wait? Come join us! Create a steady, above average income now while setting yourself up for success later!