Meet Brandon K

The Shoe Record Holder?

Two weeks in a row for a staff spotlight? HECK YES!

Today we introduce you to our new General Sales Manager: Brandon K (he’s the second Brandon on staff, so he’s the lucky one that gets referred to with his last initial HA!)

Brandon graduated from Miami University. He and his wife Natalie have had an exciting few years! They had a COVID wedding in September of 2020 and then happily welcomed their son Lennox into the world earlier this year. It’s clear they aren’t afraid of a challenge or of change!

He’s been in the industry for eight years. There are a lot of qualities in Brandon that contribute to his motivation on a daily basis. He takes a lot of pride in his passion and drive for anything he has committed to. He is also dedicated to working hard and proving his loyalty to those passions and people in his life.

FUN FACT: Brandon has OVER 200 pairs of shoes. SAY WHAT??

In his time at PGT, Brandon has enjoyed the sense of camaraderie and family environment that is clearly present in our office. He appreciates the teamwork amongst everyone and 

believes it will lead to continued success. “If you are looking for a company to be successful and surrounded by good people, I’m confident that Premier Global Transportation is the place for you,” he shared.

Welcome to the team, Brandon!