Meet Ashley

A True Cincinnati Native

Our newest associate and latest addition to our Logistics Coordinator staff is Ashley! She is a Cincinnati native, born and raised here her entire life. She went to school in Mariemont and currently lives in Milford!

Ashley celebrated ten years of marriage this year. Together their blended family consists of four children and two cats. Ashley has one biological son who is 11 along with three bonus kids, ages 21, 16, and 15. Her two cats are rescues from the SPCA. In the winter, their free time is spent at the Cincinnati Cyclones hockey team as a season ticket holder!

She has been in logistics for about two years, but when she thought about joining PGT, it was the small, family company that drew her in. “I’ve worked at a couple different multi-billion dollar companies in the past, and I realized it just isn’t for me. I feel like a smaller company is the way to go!”

Money tends to be the motivator for most people who show up to work every day, and Ashley definitely fits in that category. She knows at PGT, her paycheck is determined by her drive and success. That’s why she takes a lot of pride in her adaptability. “I am a quick learner once I can get my  hands on things,” she explained.

Her best advice to anyone looking to join the team in any type of sales/negotiation role would be to befriend a truck driver outside of work to help you see both sides of the industry. She also believes having a yard sale will help tremendously. She added, “have a yard sale and haggle the prices on every single item. You’ll build some strong negotiation skills that way.”

In her free time, Ashley enjoys crafting. She started a small crafting business during the peak of COVID. She’s excited for the craft fair in November!

We are excited to see how Ashley grows the account she works on daily! Big things are in store!