Meet Jim D

New to Industry, not new to Sales

We recently added another Jim to our team, the second one this year! Maybe it’s a new trend?! Let’s introduce you to Jim Dietz, our newest team member!

Jim was born and raised in Northern, Kentucky. He attended the University of Cincinnati where he graduated with a bachelor’s in marketing. He has been in sales for almost five years, but is new to the logistics world. He lives with his girlfriend, Macee and their cat, Oliver.

Like most people, Jim is motivated by his family and girlfriend. He takes a lot of pride in how hard he works and the respect he has for anyone around him. He loves being outside and enjoying time with his family and friends. Jim isn’t one to turn down some golf, hunting, or fishing. “Just get me outside in my free time and I’m happy!”

He hasn’t been here long, but it usually doesn’t matter when it comes to culture at PGT. Jim said he really enjoys the atmosphere and colleagues at PGT. “Working at a great company with great culture and people makes coming here every day a lot more enjoyable,” he explained. “That’s exactly what I would tell anyone considering joining the team here.”