Meet Gary

46 Years of Experience

Most of our sales positions are inside sales, however, our first outside sales manager worked out very well, so we decided to add a second one!

So, meet Gary Dobaczewski, our newest outside sales manager! He introduces himself below!

My name is Gary. I was born and raised in Toledo, Ohio and graduated from the University of Toledo with a degree in Business Management and a minor in Marketing and Logistics. I’m an alumnus of Bowling Green State University and a member of Delta Nu Alpha Transportation fraternity associated with the University of Toledo.

I have been in the transportation industry for 46 years in various roles, including sales representative, sales manager, terminal manager, national account executive, and national sales director. Those positions have led me across the country, living in Ohio, Michigan, Maryland, and West Virginia.

I was happily married to my late wife Becky for 44 years, until her death three years ago. She was not only my wife, but also my best friend and mother to our two children, Eric and Rosanne. She was an author of two books and an inventor. I am also a musician playing with several big bands in Northwestern Ohio and Northeast Michigan. Being Polish, I have also played in several Polka Bands in the local areas.

I pride myself on being the best I can be and value thinking outside the box to develop business solutions. I believe there aren’t any obstacles that you can’t overcome. I am a strong believer in God and Country. I was in Boy Scout Leadership for 18 years working with young boys to develop their skill. I helped them to believe in themselves so they can confidently achieve their goals with hard work and the right mindset.  

When it comes to PGT, I really enjoy the relationship with my teammates and the personal drive and professionalism they have to achieve their daily goals. If you like to work hard and want to earn more than a salary paycheck, PGT is truly the place to be.

January LIL

New Year, New LIL

New to the industry? No problem.

Natasha Caudill joined PGT over eight months ago as our second Logistics Administrator. Her role started as operational, but has quickly turned into more of a back office position where she handles a lot of our accounting and behind-the-scenes tasks.

When she was asked what intrigued her the most about the industry, she explained that it was the entrepreneurial atmosphere she felt at PGT. She also shared that “the logistics world is much more exciting than I expected because of the fast-paced environment.” 

She encourages others to join the industry but “the expectation to ‘work hard, play hard’ is very real, however, the rewards PGT has to offer is definitely worth it.” For Natasha, PGT provides endless opportunities for all women and men equally. She further explained that “ladies are never left out and are equally included and recognized.”

We are thrilled to have to Natasha on our team and are excited to see her continue growth and success.

PGT takes pride in our ability to treat everyone as equals and provide equal opportunities for everyone.

Meet Austin

Boy Dad

Today’s staff spotlight goes to one of our other January new hires- Austin McNamara! Let’s just get straight to it.

Austin from Northern, Kentucky, but he moved around a lot. He went to ten different schools in his youth. He likes to think of it as building his network at an early age (ha!). He is married to his wife Desiree and they have three sons, Carter (12), Declan (7) and Maverick (2). His family is his world!

Prior to joining us at PGT, Austin did a variety of different things. He was a heavy duty truck mechanic and shop manager for five years then got into car sales for a few years, and was a licensed loan originator for the last five years. He graduated from WyoTech where he studied heavy duty diesel mechanics and business management. 

When it comes to self-motivation, Austin resorts back to three things: family, money, and recognition! All of those things tied together motivate him every day to be the best version of himself. In his free time, he loves hanging out with his wife and kids and going golfing with his buddies. Austin is officially a Kentucky Colonel- the highest award/honor a civilian can receive from the governor of Kentucky.

In his short time at PGT, he states that his favorite part is “the atmosphere because it is such a tight knit group of people that all work together!” Austin looks forward to going above and beyond for his customers and team. “I pride myself on my ability to handle stressful situations because I am good at finding solutions,” Austin explained.

Welcome to the team, Austin!

Why do you work?

The million dollar question: why do you go to work every day?

In a perfect world, you love what you do. You enjoy going to work, wherever that may be, and you are genuinely happy doing it. That doesn’t always pan out, but you do it because you need a job to pay your bills. What if we told you that having both was a very real possibility? Here us out.

The pay.

The atmosphere.

The benefits.

The growth potential.

People often save the best for last, but let’s be real- this is what most people care about first. We pay above the industry average. We are always hiring sales brokers. Why? Because we are always growing to better serve our customers. Our brokers make base + 40% uncapped commission! No, that’s not a typo. FORTY PERCENT UNCAPPED COMMISSION! Why? Because we want you to join our team and stick around for the long-term. What better way to do that to pay you what you deserve?

Relaxed. Casual. Fun. Sound good yet? PGT is all of those things and then some. We want everyone to enjoy coming to work. Sure, there are always going to be bad days, but we believe there are more good days than bad here. There are TVs going, music in the background, and often jokes and stories flying back and forth. We enjoy simple things like casual attire, walks around the building, flexibility, and team events outside of the office.

Our list of benefits continues to grow as we grow. We currently offer a 401k with a 401k match! We want you to be with us until you retire, so let us help get you there. We pay a cell phone stipend and paid time off at time of hire. In addition, we can get you set up with medical, dental and vision insurance. Not bad for a company less than two years old, right?

New company = endless opportunities. We have a solid staff that has laid the groundwork for success, now we just need you to help build the foundation of our future. As we grow, so do the opportunities. The potential to move up into various other roles is endless. You can do as much as you want with us and go as far as you want to go. You control your destiny when you work at PGT. How far do you want to go?

Come join our team! Apply on here or just give us a call at 513-453-6046 to set up an interview.

Meet Patrick

Fresh out of College

We’ve used various avenues acquire top-notch talent! Last year, we branched into the college career fair market and came across a good one! It didn’t take long for us to know we had to snatch him up before he found something else!

Today we introduce you to Patrick Carnahan!

Patrick is from Columbus, Ohio and is a recent graduate of the University of Cincinnati (Go Bearcats)! He graduated with a degree in Industrial Management and started with us just a couple weeks later!

He takes great value in humor, genuine kindness, and optimism in the people he’s close with. And he means it! He takes a lot of pride in being able to make a dad joke off almost anything! Patrick is confident that there is a good statistical chance that he’s the tallest, left-handed, green-eyed person in the world…purely because of how narrow that demographic is!

Professionally, Patrick is motivated by a desire to create his own success as well as a deep-rooted inclination to pay his bills. He saw the opportunity to do just that at PGT! We gave him the opportunity to job shadow while he was finishing his degree at UC to give him some insight into the industry and the company. Since arriving earlier this month, Patrick says his favorite part of working at PGT is “by far the people.” He explained, “Everyone is approachable and friendly. They made my first few weeks engaging and entertaining.”

The team atmosphere at PGT is something he shares with others. “You can rely on your team. I’ve only known mine for a short time and I already feel like I can ask them anything and they’ll support me.”

Welcome to the team, Patrick!

Meet Victoria

Proud Mom of 2

We are back to our weekly spotlights for the month of January! We ended the year strong bringing on Victoria and managed to start the year strong with three new associates on the first working day of the year!

So we will start with our last new hire of December, Victoria Vormwald, and let her introduce herself to you!

Hello! My name is Victoria. I am twenty-something years old. I was born in Oswego, New York, but was raised most of my life here in the Cincinnati area. I attended Loveland schools through high school and afterward, attended Indiana Wesleyan for social work, however, I have never actually used my degree. I have worked in various capacities within the transportation and freight industry for years- in fact, going on my 10th year now!

I have two kids- an eight-year-old daughter, Azailia, and a four-year-old son, Kai. They are always my number one motivation. Both of them are the reason I wake up and grind day in and day out.

Here’s a fun fact for you: I had over 45 surgeries from 10-13 years old to have my left femur lengthened four inches due to a birth defect! (Thank-you Waters of Camp Lejeune!)

I have enjoyed everything about PGT because the environment has been so welcoming, even before my first day! Everyone has been helpful. It doesn’t feel like I’m walking into an office every day. 

If you are on the fence about joining us here, the best advice I can give you is to DO IT! It doesn’t feel like other companies I have experienced. I feel as if there is a camaraderie here that sets it apart from a lot of the cut-throat competitors out there. 

Welcome to the team, Victoria!!